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We are often asked, “why do people install armoured security doors when the weakest point of entry are windows?”. That is most certainly the case in a normal house, but not a house that is protected by Fort North! Our windows are made to the same exacting standards as our doors and offer the same level of threat protection from burglars to more serious threats from guns. Our windows are made following the same process as the doors, with the same elegant finishing, up to bulletproof standard.

Buildings that are located in conservations areas and are protected by listed status have always been vulnerable to attack, due to the requirements placed upon them to blend any new features into existing features. This has always meant that properties with sash windows have had virtually no choice in adding additional security features to them. That is until now, Fort North’s revolutionary sash window design means properties can attain the same security standards afforded to them, as our doors.

Our beautiful, patented sash windows are constructed in a strong steel encasement and then clad with wood to provide the traditional elegance you would find in a period building. This elegance does not compromise its strength and these windows will provide protection to any burglar using traditional tools of the trade, such as drills, crowbars and hammers. They can even be built to bulletproof standards without losing their sophisticated look.

Casement type windows are generally found in more modern built homes that have traditionally had wooden, UPVC or aluminium casement windows installed with double glazing. Again windows are typically the weakest illegal point of entry and great attention must be made in the securing them.

Again like our doors, these casement windows are designed and built to provide you with the highest level of security. Our armoured security windows are constructed out of steel frames and fitted with the highest grade of security glass based on your risk profile and budget, including P6B, P8B or Bulletproof glass.

As with all of our products they are designed and built to ensure they fade naturally into your existing environment, with no one suspecting these are the strongest windows available in the UK or Europe. The windows have the highest grade locking system that can be fitted into casement units, and are clad in wood to provide that crisp modern look that is desired today.

Recently there has been a huge push by architects to incorporate skylights or lanterns into roofs to provide additional lighting into a property. By selecting these products in building designs they are adding one more area of weakness to be compromised by a would be assailant.

We provide bespoke armoured skylights that are made from steel and can be equipped with bulletproof glass if required. These skylights can be fixed or opening and can be made to any shape of your design. You can relax in your new light space without having to worry about any threat from above.


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