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The most valuable asset a company possesses in this digital age is DATA.

Ask any CIO or IT Manager what poses the biggest threat to their businesses and they will site “cyber attack “ as the biggest risk. Billions of pounds are spent globally to protect this valuable asset, DATA, but the investment is usually focused on cyber attack. This level of security is focused on preventing hackers from compromising your IT systems to access your valuable data for potentially corrupt use. Whether your data is hosted on premise or in the “cloud”, it is under constant bthreat.

Whilst there is a huge drive by IT professionals to protect their digital assets, less attention is paid to physical security, ie ensuring there is an adequate physical barrier to your servers, communication equipment and data back up facilities. Extremely valuable equipment and data can be held in environments where minimal consideration has been given to its physical compromise, ie people attempting to gain unlawful access to your facilities to steal your assets.

Fort North provide solutions to ensure this risk is minimised. We provide security doors for data centres and server rooms to the highest security standards, using the strongest materials and most advanced locking systems.

Our doors, which are built from high grade steel, are designed to include security design features which are unique to Fort doors. Our doors are virtually impenetrable and can be built to withstand the most aggressive of attacks. All of our doors have been tested and are accredited up to bulletproof level.

In addition to this, we use the latest locking systems providing mechanical and electronic locks, or a mixture of both. We can incorporate more than one lock into our doors and our electronic locks can be provided as “smart” so you can easily programme who can/can’t enter your IT facility. Additional we can incorporate Biometric systems with our electronic smart lock and if required can usually be integrated into your existing access control system.

In addition to installing armoured security doors we can reinforce existing computer or server rooms using steel panelling and bulletproof windows if required.


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