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Fort North Security Doors, have been working with our clients for over ten years to ensure we provide unique, bespoke and state of the art physical security solutions based on their specific requirments.

Every client has different needs and we need to ensure that we fully establish exactly what they are looking for, before recommneding a specific solutions to their needs.

Requirements are obviously focused on providing an impenetrable barrier between themselves, their valuablesand any would be assailants. However these requirements and needs will also be influenced by other factors such as budget and aesthetics. So we need to be aware of the risk level of our clients, their potential budget and also how we can manufature a solution that will blend invisbily into their existing surroundings.

Over the years we have succesfully designed and manufactured bespoke solutions for ourcustomers, that take into consideration these key factors, threat level, budget and aesthetics.

Every set of requirements is different which means the majoity of our products are unique. We are extremely proud of being able to manufacture products that provide the highest levels of security available on the market, whilst providing an elegant and beautiful finish that fits into any enviroment,without it being visible to the naked eye. That is the beauty of what we do, our solutions are invisble. No one will know the levels of security that are incorporated into our doors and windows, until they try to compromise them, only then will they realise their strength.

In the case study section of this site, you will see clear examples of how we have understood our clients needs and installed solutions that provide optimum levels of security without looking ugly and industrial looking.  Because we take so much time and effort in understanding each clients needs, we always deliver on time and in budget.

Every single one of our clients, has commented on how easier they feel in their properties, and can finally relax knowing the have Fort North Products to protect them.

Case Study 2 – Bowden – Ensuite Panic Room Security Doors And Windows Img 20190921 Wa0001

Case Study 2 – Bowden – Ensuite Panic Room

We were invited to an exclusive property in Bowden, Cheshire upon recommendation from one of our clients. The client wished to add some security to one of his bathrooms to provide a safe haven in the unlikely event of an intrusion.
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