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Our doors are quite simply the strongest products available, to provide an impregnable barrier between you, your property and any would be assailant. Our doors and windows have been built to exacting standards in the UK for many years now. We only use the best materials and innovative locking systems to provide you with the level of physical security that is required in this uncertain world. Designed using the latest technology and built by hand you can expect the highest level of security combined with a high end, beautifully designed and functional product. We cater for individuals from all walks of life from a simple and affordable single leaf of the shelf door, to a unique bespoke product built to your exact requirements, up to bulletproof resistant if required.

Whilst we realise the primary requirement for our doors are to provide a physical barrier between you and any undesirables, we are also conscious of the need for the doors to aesthetically fit into your current surroundings.

This is where we are unique, we can work with you to provide an elegant solution that will fit in well with your existing surroundings. The notion that security doors are ugly is totally eradicated by the finish of our products. We can literally design and manufacture any finish, meaning we can place an armoured door within your property without drawing any attention to its strength. This subtle construction method, means you can go about your day to day business knowing that if any threat is made against you, you can protect yourself behind the strongest door that is available in the UK.

Our ability to reproduce exact replicas means we can work with clients in listed properties, who would normally not be able to install armoured security solutions. We have worked with many property owners throughout the UK to provide replica security doors that have been installed after approval from the relevant authorities.

Being able to replicate doors does not only apply to older properties, we are also extremely active in providing doors into some of the UKs most beautiful modern homes. Typically, these homes require doors with a more modern finish using the latest cladding materials. We work with our clients to either replicate existing designs or can create totally unique and bespoke designs with a modern twist.

Contemporary doors commonly have glass installed into their construction, and the glass needs to provide the same level of protection as the door casement and frame
One thing remains common in our doors, irrelevant of appearance, on the inside our doors are made to provide the highest level of protection that is available in the UK today.

Our commercial doors are built using exactly the same methods and standards as our domestic doors, however design and finish is not normally as high of a requirement as a homeowner. Considerations such as easy access, fire protection, fire escape etc are normally more pertinent for a commercial environment. As our doors have been built and certified to the desired UK standards we can design, manufacture and install armoured security solutions for most commercial environments.


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