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Panic Rooms

Here at Fort North we have been designing and installing panic rooms, or safe rooms, to provide a safe haven in either domestic or commercial properties. These rooms are fortified and are used to provide a safe haven or a discreet hiding place in the vent of a break in.

In its simplest form, a panic room can be added to a property by simply installing one of our armoured doors. This is usually a bedroom, as it is night time that the risk of invasion is highest. The integrity of a panic room by be improved at a number of levels from adding utilising different methods which are usually determined by budget.

Existing rooms can be quite easily altered and strengthen using high grade steel cladding which can be finished with plaster. Incorporating panic rooms onto new builds is equally straightforward, if we can influence the design at planning stage we can ensure we cover all angles of potential risk.

Whether it’s a simple armoured door on a bedroom or a purpose built panic room in a new development Forth North have a solution to your needs.


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