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Fort North have been providing high security products to our clients for in excess of ten years. During this time we have encountered many situations where people have decided to invest in our products to protect whats important to them, be it family and/or items that are precious to them.

Every situation is different, which requires a great deal of upfront understanding to ensure we fully catpure what is important to them. These requirements are always driven by a huge desire to protect their loved ones and valuables.

But whilst security is of massive importance, no one wants to compromise and provide a physical barrier that appears industrial looking. This is why we are unique, we are the only company who can provide CERTIFIED bespoke security doors and windows.

Our products are fully tested to ensure maximum security, fire saftey and thermal efficiency. In addition  to this our doors are all hand made to the same exacting standrards, so internally they are built to enure the structure is consistent and made to the standards, as per testing. However all doors and windows are are dressed with hand made and finished cladding that provide a layer of “make up” over a brutally strong interior. Our products exude elegance, but mask a hidden monster that is only unleashed when someone foolishly tries to compromise the systems.

In this photo gallery you will see a huge selection of products that have been made and installed by us over the years. As you can see, no two products look the same, but internally they are built to exatly the same standards. We can make any design, and if required can replicate your exsiting doors and windows so our products will not look out of place in your property.

Our high security doors and windows are truly the strongest and most effective physical means of security availale currently in the UK.

Please contact us to arrange a private consultation so we can understand your personal requirements and see our products, to give you a true appreciation of their strength and beauty.

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